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Merriam Vineyards

2015 Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc, 375 ml

Winemaker's Notes

LATE HARVEST wines are made from grapes left on the vine longer than usual, allowing them to get riper and riper. This makes the grapes naturally dehydrate, concentrating their flavors as they take on sweet, raisin-like qualities. We allowed a certain section of Danielle’s vineyard, Sauvignon Blanc, to remain on the vine for an extended period of time, to develop more intense flavors, and sweetness. Fermented in French oak barrels for one year, not allowing the wine to get completely dry, which retains its sweetness. Very limited production, bottled in half bottles.

Tasting Notes

Bright golden straw in color, yellow diamonds. On the nose, hints of orange creamsicle, apricot, lemon and honeysuckle. A tropical vacation on the palate, with passion fruit, dried mango, and orange blossom. The wine finishes dry, with a lingering honeysuckle, and lightly sweet. Enjoy!!!

2015  Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc 375 ml